About Me

I am a P.h.D student in Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Science (IIIS) at Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Yang Gao, and I also work closely with Prof. Dinesh Jayaraman at UPenn's GRASP lab. I received my bachelor degree from EE Department in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, under the supervision of Prof. Ya Zhang and Prof. Xinbing Wang.

I am currently a visiting scholar at Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR), advised by Prof. Pieter Abbeel and Dr. Xingyu Lin.

My research interest focuses on computer vision and policy learning in general, especially the intersection of both areas, i.e. viso-motor control. I mainly study to improve the effectiveness and robustness of viso-motor control applications in the real world, in particular the autonomous driving and robot manipulation.



Any-point Trajectory Modeling for Policy Learning
Chuan Wen*, Xingyu Lin*, John So*, Kai Chen, Qi Dou, Yang Gao, Pieter Abbeel.
arXiv Preprint   PDF/Website/Arxiv

General Flow as Foundation Affordance for Scalable Robot Learning
Chengbo Yuan, Chuan Wen, Tong Zhang, Yang Gao.
arXiv Preprint   PDF/Website/Arxiv

Can Transformers Capture Spatial Relations between Objects?
Chuan Wen, Dinesh Jayaraman, Yang Gao.
ICLR 2024   PDF/Website/Arxiv

Imitation Learning from Observation with Automatic Discount Scheduling
Yuyang Liu*, Weijun Dong*, Yingdong Hu, Chuan Wen, Zhaoheng Yin, Chongjie Zhang, Yang Gao.
ICLR 2024   PDF/Website/Arxiv

Seer: Language Instructed Video Prediction with Latent Diffusion Models
Xianfan Gu, Chuan Wen, Jiaming Song, Yang Gao.
ICLR 2024   PDF/Website/Arxiv

Predictive Inference with Feature Conformal Prediction
Jiaye Teng*, Chuan Wen*, Dinghuai Zhang*, Yoshua Bengio, Yang Gao, Yang Yuan.
ICLR 2023   PDF/Code

Resolving Copycat Problems in Visual Imitation Learning via Residual Action Prediction
Chia-Chi Chuang*, Donglin Yang*, Chuan Wen*, Yang Gao.
ECCV 2022   PDF/Code

Fighting Fire with Fire: Avoiding DNN Shortcuts through Priming
Chuan Wen, Jianing Qian, Jierui Lin, Jiaye Teng, Dinesh Jayaraman, Yang Gao.
ICML 2022   PDF/Website/Arxiv

Keyframe-Focused Visual Imitation Learning
Chuan Wen*, Jierui Lin*, Jianing Qian, Yang Gao, Dinesh Jayaraman.
ICML 2021   PDF/Website/Arxiv

Fighting Copycat Agents in Behavioral Cloning from Observation Histories
Chuan Wen*, Jierui Lin*, Trevor Darrell, Dinesh Jayaraman, Yang Gao.
NeurIPS 2020   PDF/Website/Arxiv

Handwritten Chinese font generation with collaborative stroke refinement
Chuan Wen, Yujie Pan, Jie Chang, Ya Zhang, Siheng Chen, Yanfeng Wang, Mei Han, Qi Tian.
WACV 2021   PDF/Arxiv

Author name disambiguation on heterogeneous information network with adversarial representation learning
Haiwen Wang, Ruijie Wang, Chuan Wen, Shuhao Li, Yuting Jia, Weinan Zhang, Xinbing Wang.
AAAI 2020   PDF/Arxiv

RI-SSGE: a framework with rule inference and sentence schema graph embedding for knowledge base query construction
Xiaoyang Huo, Chuan Wen, Yuchen Yan, Ruijie Wang.
TURC 2019   PDF

Public Services

Reviewer Services: NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, CVPR, ECCV.